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Vote for Jobs & Human Needs, NOT WAR!
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It takes more than voting to end the war

Green Party’s solution to the charges raised by The Detroit News

Ways to help
Help us leaflet polling locations on Election Day
Donate money
Organize a house meeting with your friends and neighbors
Organize a meeting in your town, union, community group, or campus
Volunteer to leaflet (see list at right)

Get involved
Call (313)-680-5508
email: campaign@stopthewarslate.org

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Letter to the anti-war movement

Michigan Citizen Endorses Sole for Senate

A Message to GI’s

Sole’s statement on Korea Crisis

The truth about Stabenow

David Sole, Green Party’s US Senate candidate, denounces Stabenow’s support for war, “torture bill” and anti-immigrant racism. read more
“Vote against the war – reject the Democrats and vote for the Greens in Michigan in November!” – Leslie Feinberg, organizer, author, and historian

The Stop the War Slate Candidates program candidate pages

David Sole – U.S. Senate

Kevin Carey – State Board of Education

Lauren Elizabeth Spencer – Michigan State University Board of Trustees

Michael Merriweather – Wayne State University Board of Governors

Kristen Hamel – State Representative, 1st District

Lloyd Clarke – State Senate, 32nd District

Kyle McBee – State Senate, 13th District

Jacob Woods – State Board of Education
*peace jobs justice*

Other Green Party of Michigan Candidates platform

Douglas Campbell – Governor

David Frank Skrbina – Lt. Governor

Lynn Meadows – Secretary of State

Jacob Woods – State Board of Education

Edward Morin – University of Michigan Board of Regents

Margaret Guttshall – Wayne State University Board of Governors -

David J. Newland – Congressional District 1

Rodger Gurk – Congressional District 3

Ken Mathenia – Congressional District 5

Aaron Stuttman – Congressional District 8

Matthew Abel – Congressional District 9

Candace Ruth Caveny – Congressional District 10

Art Myatt – Congressional District 12

Aimee Smith
Congressional District 15

James Wolbrink – State Senate, District 5 Wayne County

Fred D. Vitale – State Representative, District 3 Wayne County

Derek Grigsby – State Representative, District 7 Wayne County

Richard T. Kuszmar – State Senator/District 9

William J. Opalicky – State Senator/District 14

Pete Van Jr. – State Representative/District 88

Peter Schermerhorn – Ann Arbor City Council/Ward 3

Stop the War Slate – Green Party of MI Program print version

Stop the Pentagon’s Wars:

Immediate and unconditional U.S. withdrawal from Iraq and Afghanistan.
End U.S. Aid to Israel
Bring the troops home NOW.
U.S. hands off Iran, north Korea, Venezuela and Cuba.
End the U.S.-financed occupation of Palestine.
Stop domestic spying and restrictions on basic rights.

Stop the War on People of Color,
Stop the War on Women
Stop the War on Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgendered People:

Restore and defend affirmative action. Vote No on Proposition 2!
End police brutality and racist profiling.
Stop racist anti-immigrant attacks.
Defend reproductive rights for women – Stop the rollback of Roe v Wade.
End attacks on lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgendered people – Full civil rights and benefits now.

Stop the War on Working People
(including unemployed, disabled and low income people):

Free National Health Care for all.
Stop price gouging by pharmaceutical companies.
Free prescription drugs for seniors and low income people, including contraceptives.
Quality and affordable childcare.
Affordable water, gas and electric rates – No shutoffs.
Increased and equal funding for quality education in all school districts.
Give youth jobs and recreation programs, not jails.
No union-busting. No strikebreakers.
Stop plant closings and mass layoffs – A job is a right.
No bankruptcy by corporations to destroy pensions, health benefits and contracts.
Guaranteed job for all who are able to work.
End homelessness with construction of low-income housing.
Raise the minimum wage to at least $15.

Stop the War on Immigrants:

No human being is “illegal.”
End the harassment, deportation and exploitation of immigrant labor.
Amnesty and citizenship rights for all immigrants – not criminalization.
No fences at borders.

Stop the War on the Environment:

Stop corporate pollution of the environment.
Immediate clean up of urban and rural dump sites.
A statewide plan for a mass transit program that will substantially curtail the use of gasoline and diesel fuel.